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We welcome Vendors of all kinds to apply to participate in IRB Greenfest. We have a few rules: all products and services must have a green focus or be environmentally safe. Our vendors, including food vendors, may not use non-biodegradable products and supplies, such as Styrofoam, either as part of the product or packaging. We also try not to inundate our visitors with too many of a particular product category, so get your applications in early – it is a first come, first served system. Our vendor team reserves the right to decline applications for any reason. If you are interested in learning about being a Sponsor, you can do that on our Sponsor page.

Vendor Request
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We collection this information in order to post about your company and tag you online. Also ,your profile on the website will feature links to your website and social media (if provided).

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This pricing is valid through February 1, 2024. On that date, all Booth Type prices (except for non-profit) will increase by $25.

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